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D-jahsta biography

http://soundcloud.com/d-jahsta http://www.facebook.com/pages/D-JAHSTA http://www.firepowerrecords.com/artists/d-jahsta/ D-Jahsta is a 22 year producer from Athens, Greece. In 2004, after hearing Jungle and Drum and Bass sounds, he started laying down his beats, shuffling his first breaks and creating his own unique basslines. After 5 years of production in the Ragga/Jungle scene with a trail of releases on his back, comes the year 2009, when he meets Ditza. The two boys turn their heads to dubstep, together with the PonyLicks Team, and bring the biggest, baddest dubstep music the Greek electronic music scene had ever encountered. And from there, D-Jahsta's career exploded. Today, D-Jahsta continues to show people what he can do, with his own label Mechanoid Audio in the works and a smash hit with bass king Rekoil. He also has releases in other labels, including Chronos, Firepower, and Betamorph. His tunes are played by some of the biggest names in the dubstep scene, including Excision, Rusko, Getter, Vaski, Downlink, Inspector Dubplate, and Datsik to name a few. Based on his success, it looks like D-Jahsta is here to stay!

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