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There's at least 2 different artist with this name: 1) http://myspace.com/dn01se http://soundcloud.com/d-noise http://house-mixes.com/artist/d-noise http://d-noise.promodj.ru http://www.facebook.com/DNoiseMusic http://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/catalog/?contextType=artists&contextName=D-Noise&contextEntityId=78845 Its performances are similar to high speed of direct road with a heap of deep thoughts inside, each metre brings new ideas and thoughts, good is combined with bad, pulls out from bad moods and lowers in good, sincere harmony is filled with balance of calmness. Releases: Digital Winter EP = Prakteek Sound I’m Heart EP = Öften Grüven Light Before Connection LP = Deep-X Recordings Das Nordlicht EP = Carica Records Monochrome EP = Deepcontrol records Ann Ditrajns EP = Preakteek Sound Deeper Than Snow EP = Bonzai Music Remixes: Bet On - Office (D-Noise Rmx) = Deep-X Recordings Chokko - Cote Dazure (D-Noise Rmx) = Bonzai Music Mr.Dee - Untertaucht (D-Noise Rmx) = Deeplimit Scoma & Waxme - Cobra’s Rush (D-Noise RMX) = Deepcontrol records Sider - Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (D-Noise RMX) = Deepcontrol records Tracks Appear On: Born Yesterday = Deep-X Recordings Deep-X Vol.3 = Deep-X Recordings Deep-X Vol.4 = Deep-X Recording Deep-X Vol.5: One Year =) Deep-X Recordings Deep-X Vol.6 = Deep-X Recordings Deeplimit: First Dive = Deeplimit Deeplimit: One Year Deep = Deeplimit Viaje En Barco = !iMbue Aud!o Deep-X Vol.8 = Deep-X Recordings Deep-X Vol.9 = Deep-X Recordings Deep & Jazzy - 47 Various - Deep-X Vol.9 = Deep-X Recordings Various - Techno-Locator Mix I = Deep-X Recordings Various - Deep-X Vol.100 = Deep-X Recordings Single: Perfect woman = IRecords You can hear its tracks in educational films and various advertising videos of the western companies. As the Internet of radio station «SunWave» a program Format was the presenter of the program “Weather forecast” on in the past of the largest Russian: minimal techno-> progressive house, fresh mixes and releases. 2) Makina DJ from Norway. Tracks appears on Underground Makina Connectionz.under Burning Chrome Records and J-CORE MASTERZ under MSTBL. http://www.myspace.com/fliess

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