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D-pulse biography

D-Pulse is an house-quartet coming originally from Izhevsk city, Russia. The city is has the fame of russian music capital, since a lot of successfull music projects came out of there (even Tchaikovsky). The success came to the band when they were still schoolboys. At the cover of ther first album released by well-know russian «Snegiri» label one can see four 16-year-old guys standing. Actually, no-one of them knew that it will turn like this in that time. Today, they spread the new fresh sound of Russia in all over the world. Their last release on british NANG (TIRK) with russian lyrics sets a new standart of understanding of quality live dance music from the very deep of snowy forests of Russia. But the real effect their music has during live shows. The band is already has the status of the most expressive, vivid live electronic band in Russia. Their shows were apreciated in Japan, where they had a tour in 2007. Since last year the band starts to show up on european stages. At the moment D-Pulse are working in the studio situated in Prague, Czeck Republic and having gigs time to time, which are real event for true music lovers. From the very begining D-Pulse band is a ragbag of different infuences and styles: rock-lovers and djs came together to create the unique sound. Highly influenced by french musical wave from Air, Phoenix to Daft Punk, quartet started to look for their own style, trying to combine all the individual music tastes. Their first CD-album released in 2002 was a tribute to the music they loved. One can find the echoes of french-house melodies there, or rough bass of Chicago. The others will hear some cold scandinavian romanticism or happy melodic intonations of early 70s, analog warmth of moog synths or minimalistic industrial noises, psychodelic rock guitars or even smooth jazz harmony. Trying to bring their own vision of how the ideal music should sound like they created something really new. Four teenagers from the town in the middle of nowhere in Russia made a real hype in russian music circles and even abroad. They started to appear on the pages of european music magazines (M8, Wire) and drew an attention of record companies. The next came vinyl «Memory EP» released on german Exun records in 2006. The main track was called "July Sunset" and created an outstanding response all over the world and brought them to people's attention more. It was one of the top 10 tracks of James Zabiella, and received a positive feedback and support from DJ Sasha, Sandy Riviera and Laurent Garnier. The band was also supported by the leader of well-known russian techno project SCSI-9, Anton Kubikov. In 2007 he released their «Euphoria EP» in 2007 on his own label «Pro-Tez». After this their collaboration continued and now sound of D-Pulse bass-player can be also heared at SCSI-9 last album released at Kompakt. But the real fame came to the band due to their live shows. Expressive, energetic, deep and melodic stream of music performed with the live guitars, bass and keys creates the unique atmosphere at every venue they play. You can name it whatever you want: electric disco, space romantic rock, acoustic deep house, minimal funk or balearic jazz. It is the sphere where words are useless. Sonic coctail with different flavours. Great for dancing, as well as regular home listening, making love and... just living.

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