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Schoolly D is the moniker of American rapper Jesse B. Weaver, Jr. (June 22, 1966—) from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was a pioneer of Hardcore rap and the pioneer of Gangsta Rap, being one of the first rappers to embrace an antisocial persona without explicit irony. Musically, Schoolly D and his DJ Code Money came up with electronic hardcore beats. Later on, Schoolly embraced the afrocentric style, working together with KRS-One. He contributed songs and music to many Abel Ferrara films. Schoolly also wrote "The Player" for Ferrara's film The Blackout, as well as the score to Ferrara's R'Xmas. In addition he also contributed the title track to Ferrara's King of New York starring Christopher Walken. The film also contained several tracks from the album "Am I Black enough for you?". His last album features guest appearances by Public Enemy's Chuck D, Chuck Chillout, Lady B and The Sneaker Pimps. Schoolly also does the music and occasional narration for the cult animated series Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

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