D-tune top 20 songs


D-tune biography

1) D-TUNE is a dance-act created by the Spanish/Dutch producers Mustafa Alici, Jan Van Berlo & L. Vasconcellos. They created a bunch of dance-tracks between 1997-2000. "Burning Down" is probably their best known track. 2) D-Tune polish group. It all started in 2001! We, NexT and J'Leed decided to create a small music project. We had been improving our skills over 3 years to introduce our work in 2004. Our aim is to create rhythmical music that people want to hear and dance at the parties. In 2003 a girl called Simple G joined us, what resulted in creation of D-Tune project on 29th of April, 2004. Later, a guy - Mr Melody - joined the group. Simple G recorded vocals for the song 'Memories', with Mr Melody's first D-Tune lyrics. And next was Dangerous Stranger, with Simple's and Melody's voice. At the end of 2005 we signed a contract with Music Street, which now became Warner Music Singapore. In 2005 we shooted our first video - Memories.

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