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There are 2 artists under the name "D-Unit" [1] A long long time ago in a forest not too far from here, a brave band of Indians relinquished all qualms and fears for what they had seen arising from the depths of Grand Ol’ Lake Millersville brought a warmness to their chests. As our three brave demigods started on their quest to put an end to crappy music and put indies to the test, a ghetto stood in front of them he counted to three but our champions just laughed and Nate, he took a pee. Shortly after this the locals, they did sing what a grand thing D-Unit is and wont they be their king. "No", said they in a kindly way, "Please go and rule yourselves. We need to voyage onward and make this land green and well". D-Unit the strong; D-Unit the brave. Working for the common man and freeing all the slaves. D-Unit the wise; D-Unit the fair Making emos happy and pulling gothics from their lairs. [2] D-UNIT (디유닛) is a South Korean female trio formed by D-Business Entertainment. The group first promoted as a trio, however the groups concept includes the addition of a new member with every promotion cycle (This was not the case for their debut to Luv Me, as the group said it was more of a continuation rather than a fresh comeback). The group debuted with a full-length album, featuring the title track "I’m Missin’ You" on August 1, 2012.[1] This was followed by their debut stage on August 2, 2012 on M!Countdown! Members: Ram - September 21, 1987 (age 25) UJin - October 23, 1989 (age 23) Zin - April 10, 1993 (age 19)

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