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It's always exciting to see amazing artists emerge from the underground--going from near-obscurity to standing in the spotlight. So goes rapper D.Willz, a fresh face in the rap world from the Bay area. He's from northern California, which can only mean one thing--cool, mesmerizing beats, clever lyrics, and humor. Humor, according to his MySpace page, is what drives a lot of his tracks. "It's all about living life and laughing about it, not taking everything too seriously." If you spent any time in the Bay Area this summer, you probably already know "Licka Sto" (and "Purpz" with San Quinn, and "Skin Tight Jeans", and the insanely-banging "Put it in the Middle"). These were the sound of the Oakland streets circa 2008: the songs you'd hear coming from the corner bodega, or blasting out of the windows of a passing car. They also hit the airwaves -local deejays have been inundated with requests for the tracks, and they have been catapulted into rotation on commercial radio by popular demand. His "Licka Sto" single was the 1 requested song in the bay area, according to Chuy Gomez from 106 KMEL. The video for the song is exuberant and refreshing; a slice of an attractively presented life, bright, colorful and instantly appealing. It has been added to over 30 television play lists/outlets including: MTV JAMS, FUSE ON DEMAND, CMC, Billboard.com and others. D.Willz's mix-tapes have been the city's hottest for months -and adding to the hysteria, the young emcee's much-anticipated official release has finally dropped. "Welcome To Willzville" collects the singles that have made D.Wiliz a regional star, and adds brand-new material that expands and deepens the rappers outsized personality. He is a remarkably fluid and conversational rapper; he's approachable, witty, and instantly identifiable, and his expressive performances dominate every cut on the album. On one-level, D.Willz's street burners and radio pop songs are the most perfect expressions yet of the freewheeling Northern California hip-hop spirit; on another, they're so much more. His recordings are regional sensations, but they transcend all local limitations: they're coming, and soon, to a neighborhood near you, no matter where you are.

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