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There is more than one artist with this name: 1. Da' Zoo, an electro pop group from Puerto Rico. 2. Da Zoo, a rap group from New Orleans. 1. While a good number of new artists today choose to make music based on popularity trends to assure their success, Da’ Zoo bets on the fusion of rhythms to earn their spot on the artistic scene. Da' Zoo is an electro pop band formed in San Juan, PR in 2009. The original lineup consists of Charly Zoo, Yo-Fred, Raggi and Eli-Joe; four Puerto Ricans that have come together under one name to make something new happen in music. Da’ Zoo has an electric base fuse with other rhythms like pop and reggae, considered basically as “Electro Pop”. Their lyrics are in Puerto Rico’s slang. They sing like they talk. The band released their debut album in June, with an assortment of songs under the dance format. The album also includes romantic lyrics and is directed to “people who like originality and, above all, fun.” Official MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/dazoomusic. 2. The origins of Da Zoo are a riddle surrounded by mystery. The group presumably formed in New Orleans sometime during the 1990s. Each member of the group is a hardened veteran of the mean streets. They spontaneously got together and recorded their debut album 'Boyz to Soljaz' while gambling with dice and guns while an elephant and giraffe walked in front of a burning city and a helicopter flew overhead near 2 huge dudes. There was money everywhere. Boyz to Soljas was released by the Big Belly label and became a cult classic. Today the whereabouts of Da Zoo are unknown.

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