Daddy top 20 songs


Daddy biography

1. Daddy is a musical duo comprised of James Franco and Timothy O'Keefe. The motivation behind Daddy is to push beyond the sonic space of music into the surrounding ecology. Daddy investigates the territories of film/video, installation, and performance while simultaneously exploring the connections that form between them. While sampling has been an established and prevalent method of modern music making, Daddy’s approach moves beyond the ‘art of sampling’ into the act of appropriation. Not just appropriating a genre of music, but the moments it inhabits, and the characters that embody it. Like many bands before them, Franco and O’Keefe met as students in art school. While in school, they collaborated on many projects including Franco’s 2011 Endless Idaho installation at the Gagosian Gallery in L.A. before forming Daddy in late 2011. Drawing from the individual practices of both Franco and O’Keefe, Daddy brings together the interests and talents of these two artists. Franco continues his exploration of identity. Through appropriating and recontextualizing material from his work as an actor, director, and individual, he questions the existing boundaries between. O’Keefe, the musician behind <tfo>, brings to Daddy his imaginative sense of sound and play, creating evocative arrangements that merge together the assumed separations between time, space, and cultures. 2. DADDY is Young Sri Lankan band with different music style. Band consists of 5 Members named, Nimantha Kaluarachichie, Viresh Cooray, Shamila Siriwardana, Dila Hettiarachchi and Gayan Perera. Gayan Perera, Sunil Perera's (who is the leader of the band GYPSIES) leads the band. they released their first Album named MASSINA and second one named ARABIYA

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