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Daddy Roach, the person.........Wayne Roach was born on 5.12.1972 in St. Elisabeth in Jamaica. He gained his stage name Daddy Roach at an early stage, at primary school. After passing his school finals, he emigrated to Germany in 1988, and completed an apprenticeship as a cook. His musical hobby then became a vocation. He loves Jamaican patties washed down with beer. He`s a fan of hip hop, reggae, ragga, soul and RnB. His dream now is to start a family. ......Daddy Roach, the artist...... Wayne`s musical roots lie in raggamuffin, which is a popular genre in Jamaica. It`s typical of Daddy Roach that he`s accomplished in reggae, hip hop and two step as well. In 1993 he gave his first live gig. This was followed by live performances with the Fantastische Vier, Gentleman, and Trevor Tayler (Bad Boys Blue). Wayne ex-perienced his first studio production with Gadget Pfennig, and then came successful performances with X-Large Singleton, Bobby Stern, Dual System, A-Team and EM-ZEE. In 1997 he recorded the single Cecilia with The Project, and then in 1998 Lac-rimosa with Gimme 5. In 1999 the single and video for Chemical Reaction came out with Sasha. In 1996 he met the music producer Earonic, and they created what they called their first night session. Fired by creative spontaneity, they put all their enthusiasm into a variety of tracks, travelled through Jamaica, and be-came firm friends as well. In 2002 they started work on production of Daddy Roach`s first album Chinchilla, which has now been completed and is scheduled for publication by momental in 2007. Daddy Roach, the future Along with the EPs Oh No / Hold Up and Need You Back / Never Gonna Hold Me Down, Daddy Roach is completing his first album Chinchilla with Earonic, which is being issued at the start of 2007. The plans with Earonic for 2007 include promo tours throughout Europe and Jamaica, plus more songs and albums with Chilli and other Jamaican artists. This great talent guarantees a new and exciting sound.

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