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Dady Mimbo has been a professional musician since 1980 and is an author, composer and interpreter. His main instruments are the battery, the bass and various African percussion instruments. His passion for djembé, which he learned how to play as an autodidact, came to him while listening to Adama Dramé. He tries, now, to choose his skins according to the desired sounds and works on a ternary rate/rhythm with the desire to modernize djembé. Dady Mimbo was born in Garoua, Cameron. With a mother of Nigerian origin and a Chadian father of which he kept nationality. Having lived in this northern area of Cameron, his languages are the peul and the haoussa. Before being a professional musician, he was a dressmaker then designer with twelve employees in his workshop. Gradually the music took the top. With 22 years of age, Dady Mimbo leaves Cameron for Europe. He occurred in France, in Italy, in Spain, in Switzerland, in Germany, in Austria, and Holland. For financial reasons, he couldn't yet occur in Africa and it is of course in Garoua that it would like to give its first concert on the continent. Dady Mimbo prepared a CD of 12 tracks which was released in France on January 2001 with the title "Jumbo Jumbo". "Jumbo Jumbo" was produced by Mondicor, a Monegasque company. The group which accompanies Dady Mimbo is composed of a pianist, a guitarist, a bass player, a beater and chorus-singers, with Dady Mimbo ensuring song and percussion (congas and solo djembé). Dady Mimbo openned the festival of African cinema in Nice (“Africa in Images” November 25 to December 2) surrounded by two bongos and three djembés. A concert unfortunately too short but already being talked about. He also has just finished a CD in homage to the mothers, "Pour toi maman" with Charlotte Wassi as voice, Sani (the 15 year old son of Dady Mimbo) in the piano and Dady Mimbo with bass and percussion. Contact: Dady Mimbo, 3 street Masséna, 06000 Nice (France) - 04 93 76 86 63 - 06 60 06 86 63 Remarks collect by Corinne Deriot on 26th November 2000 (Nice, France)

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