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Danger Angel is a hard rock/AOR band from Athens, Greece. The band was formed in 2006 by Ethan Chionos (guitars) and Spiros Foussekis (guitars). Mike Kasidakis is referenced as the original singer and was replaced by Jimmy Cage in 2008, while Antonis Venieris (drums) and Rudy Rallis (bass) joined up in 2008 too. George AHAS Lignos took over the keyboards spot a while earlier in 2007, while vocalist M.T. (vocals) joined the band in 2010, replacing Jimmy Cage. The band agreed on a worldwide deal with American label Perris Records in August, 2009 and released their debut album in January 2010. The album is available on all major internet cd stores including iTunes, Amazon, CDUniverse, CDBaby among others. Current Lineup: M.T. - Vocals Ethan Chionos - Guitars George AHAS - Keyboards Antonis Venieris - Drums Rudy Rallis - Bass There is also a podcast host named Danger Angel who host Martini Time on wwwradiobillyfm.com.

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