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Dani biography

There are quite a few artists appearing under name Dani. 1. Dani is the stage name of French singer Daniele Groule 2. Dani is the recently popular Macedonian singer Dani Dimitrovska. 3. Dani is an Iranian singer. 4. Dani is British electronic/experimental producer/artist Dan Weatherall ( Dani ). 1. Boyish and wild, Daniele Groule was born on October 1, 1945 in Castres, Tarn, France. Dani was meant to have been France's Eurovision Song Contest 1974 entry, but the President Georges Pompidou died in the week of the competition, so she never entered Eurovision properly. In cinema she has played in the last Antoine Doinel-adventure "L'amour en fuite" (Love on the Run, 1979). In the late 1970s she had drug problems (about which she wrote a book), then she came back to music with the help of Etienne Daho. In 1993 she recorded a great (and almost unknown) album with JJ Burnel and Dave Greenfield of The Stranglers called "N Comme Never Again". She's now running a big flowers business 'Au nom de la Rose' in France.

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