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Daniel Aminati finally comes back on the music scene with a new single after a long long waiting.The song is written in german and is called Wie Keiner Dieser Herrn (As Nobody Else).It is available for online download from 22 May 2009 and released as single on 29 May 2009.The style of this track is totally oldtime defined but the three bonus remixes are currently modern electro and house. Daniel is popular as member of the boyband Bed & Breakfast til 1996 and as a speaker on the german TV Channel Pro 7 today. He takes parts in several social and charity programms. Musically he recorded one solo album called I Feel At Home in 1999 and some solo singles :Turn Me Up (96), I Want You Back (97), My Greatest Love (99), With You I Wanna Be (99), When I Give My Love To You (99) and Happy By Mistake(2006).

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