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Daniel Oliver (born October 30, 1985 in Keflavík, Iceland) is an Icelandic pop electronic singer. Daniel recently moved to Stockholm, Sweden to expand his career. Superficial and Takin' it back are the first songs Daniel records in association with the Icelandic legendary producer, Örlygur Smári and are published by Earlymusic Iceland in 2011. Daniel started singing at young age and started singing in choirs and school plays but got noticed for real when he entered the Icelandic Idol competition in 2005. He did not win but ended up in the semi finals and released his first song, "Over You" in 2006, shortly after the competition ended. The song got instant airplay and was quite popular for a long period of time. Daniel discovered his voice and decided to start working on his own sound and style and finally felt ready to get in the game for real in the year of 2010. His music video for his song, Dr. Love got over 30.000 views on YouTube the first week and over 40.000 in a month. The video was provocative, showing the singer half naked, singing about sexual needs. Daniel got a lot of criticism from people, both good and bad and started to be popular with the media. Daniel made a few songs after Dr. Love in collaboration with other artists but wasn't quite feeling it, singing in Icelandic. He decided to start making his songs in English and contacted Örlygur Smári, Iceland's most successful pop music producer of modern times and asked him to do a song with him. The collaboration started great and their first song, "Superficial" got instant airplay and great reviews from both Daniel's fans and critics. Subsequently, Daniel was offered to sing with Páll Óskar the Icelandic superstar on NASA in August 2011. Daniel introduced his new song he had made with Örlygur, "Takin' it back" to his fans on Nasa that night along with his dancers and the performance was magnetic to say the least. Since 2009, Daniel has been performing his songs live on stage in Iceland and now he's bringing his music over to Sweden. Daniel moved to Stockholm in beginning of October 2011 so he could introduce his music to Swedish audience. More Info: Official Website Facebook Twitter Soundcloud iTunes Formspring

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