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Born in the rather provincial area of Riesa-Großenhain, Daniel came in contact with electronic music in the middle of the nineties, falling in love with Detroit techno. Discovering his preference and talent for deejaying he soon started playing at various parties and clubs around, among them Tresor/Berlin and Strasse E/Dresden. As his capabilities at the turntables were near to perfect, he realized that playing records done by others doesn't satisfy him enough. Cutting back on turntablism, he started to develop excellent production skills in a broad field of styles: minimal, dubby, abstract, deep. After moving to Leipzig he finally came to know some people appreciating his capabilities, joining the Statik Entertainment group and founding his netlabel Instabil (www.instabil.org). Later he got in contact with Matthias Tanzmann, well-established DJ, producer and label owner of Moon Harbour records, teaming up with him for releases and remixes as Tanzmann & Stefanik. Currently Daniel is releasing a lot of his music on Moon Harbour, Mobilee and Instabil. Furthermore, he started his own label, Cargo Edition, in 2006. (Source: www.1bit-wonder.com)

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