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Daniele Stefani, a life made for music. That is the simplest and the most eloquent definition for the career of Daniele, born December 1st 1980 in Milan (Italy). Daniele has had the intuition since he was a little child for the extraordinary beauty and power of communication of the language of music. For him, starting was almost a game, and then came the passion. At the age of 10 Daniele attended the Conservatory Giuseppe Verdi in Milano where he studied classic guitar until he was 19, when he obtained his degree. When he was a teenager at the age of 11 he was invited by the TV Channels in Hollywood and Las Vegas; at the age of 12 he sung in Olso Norway with a great capacity to entertain a big audience, enchanted by the power of his voice that is a fusion with the melody. In Italy his live performances at 16 show exceptional grades of interpreter of the big successes in the international music and shown other then this the originality of his singing songwriting in the first songs that he composed. Starting at 18 years old he is aware that music is a real vocation and he wants to add enrich his artistical experiences, thanks to the meetings with other musicians, searching for his own musical world, a sound in which he could really find himself not just as an artist but as a person with his interiority and his way to see the reality. Soon Columbia Sony Music found out his talent and Daniele signs his first music contract. Its a starting point to dedicate himself to compose his first album where Daniele synthesize a big way and express a musical world that he always kept inside but that go out thanks to the meeting with his producer and friend Giuliano Boursier, that starting with a particolar attention to the melodic aspect created with Daniele in a great experience a sound that lives in the most modern expressions. The first cd Amanti Eroi in the music shops since 21 June 2002 its a portrait in sound and lyrics of all the things round around Daniele Stefani in his twenties: first of all the music, pop in all his actual forms, the song of author, the black music, friends, experiences relates to the everyday life. His business card is the single Un giorno d'amore play in all the radios since 1 April 2002. During the next months this single gone out in France with a great review, in this way Daniele could play for 4 nights at the Olympia in Paris opening for Natasha St. Pier. In the same year he is one of the artists invited to Festivalbar with the final in Verona. Then the second single Uno straccio di emozione that is played in all the radio and TV with great success, arriving at Sanremo Festival 2003 with the song Chiaraluna that become his third single. During the summer of 2003 he realize his fourth and last single Una Lacrima. On December 2002 he is preparing is sophomore album. On 2004 he sign a new music contract with EMI MUSIC. At the end of January 2005 Daniele release his first single Non Piangere then a second one Dimenticami with the radio play by 6th of May and this open the second album Adesso o Mai in all the stores since 10 June 2005. The third single ADESSO O MAI radio edit since 6 september 2005. In November 2005 he is one of the artists invited in some concerts in Mexico for Sanremo Music Award gaining great reviews. In 2007 his third album should be released. For more informations: www.danielestefani.com

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