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D.A.V.E the Drummer has been releasing techno and acid records for about 14 years. Since his early studio sessions above a pub in Deptford with the Liberator DJ's, D.A.V.E has made hundreds of underground records, including club classics such as: “One Night in Hackney“ on "S.U.F" records with Chris Liberator; “Hydraulix 09“ on his own Hydraulix label; “Cradle Cap“ on his Apex imprint; “Soul image” on "Riot" recordings with B.K; “The Human Animal” on Chris Liebing's Fine Audio Recordings label. He has also recorded under other different aliases: Henry Cullen / Strobe / CO-AX / Secret Hero and more. He has also collaborated with many different studio partners Under different "Band" names: Chris Liberator (Halo, Dynamo City), Lawrie Immersion (Pounding Grooves / Kektex), John Truelove (The Source), Kris Needs (Rozzers Dog / Secret Knowledge) and most recently with Anderson Noise (Noisemusic), Marco Lenzi (XX2, Molecular Records) and Nils Hess (Reck, Eukatech / Eukahouse Records). D.A.V.E has played all over the world many times over the years, and has a reputation for being reliable and innovative on the turntables as well as having some keen original DJ skills to demonstrate to his many fans. He has residences in Brazil and is a regular visitor to South America, Japan, Australia, Canada, and most of Europe. In recent years D.A.V.E’s sound has shifted away from the rough acid sound of the London underground to a more polished techno groove more suited to today's discerning dance floors. His recent minimal/tech house work with Shaun King, Pattrix, Nils Hess and Anderson Noise is beginning to reach new ears and open new doors within the club world. His new label Mutate to Survive, distributed by Intergroove in Germany, is at its third release. It is picking up attention from top techno DJ's such as Misjah, The Youngsters, Stanny Frannsen and Calvertron. Ever-changing, D.A.V.E’s sound is pushing forward to explore new boundaries. Recent tracks and remixes can always be found on his MySpace sites: http://www.myspace.com/davethedrummerhenrycullen http://www.myspace.com/mutatetosurvive http://www.myspace.com/backtotheplanet http://www.blackoutaudio.co.uk For bookings contact: Rachel at Stay Up Forever Bookings, bookings@sufcollective.co.uk For anything else: drummer303@hotmail.com

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