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Rafael Schewinski, known at the Brazilian electronic scene as D'azoo at Night, has became interested in music when he was 10, refining his feelings into it leading him to head his own project of electronic music. "Tango in Tokio" (apparently the change between "i" and "y" is deliberated) is the greatest D'azoo project played by various DJs in Brazil, thanks to Orkut (a Google Social Network) that allowed his production gain a local projection and later, an international career. Today he is one of the biggest names in the production of electronic music in Brazil, without any label supporting him; it's a complete result from his own success. He has done remixes of works from big names such as "Dave Spoon", "Rihanna", "Cher", "Warp Brothers", "Evermore", "Depeche Mode", among others. His productions are part of sets of renowned Brazilian DJs like DJ Ronaldinho (Lunch Break, Energia 97FM), DJ Haroldex (Comando 97, Energia 97FM), DJ Fabiano (Hommer Project), DJ Ferrari, DJ Filipe Guerra (Maxpop Music), Vino Gomiero (W - São Paulo), Marcel Reyes (W - São Paulo), DJ Joe K (Building Records), DJ Luciano Fontes, DJ Marcelo Sá and DJ Kako Sulai (Solid Infatuation / Minds Records). With his productions he has been gaining several partnerships for the production of remixes, including the official remix to "Stand Up" (Maxpop Music). But the real success came with the production of "Tango in Tokyo", which is not a remix. The sound has earned gold status in 2008 and made his name emerge as a big DJ and producer, many still think that D'azoo is a European producer due the distinguished name and originality of his project. Usually, he follows the same production line and it is difficult not to recognize one of his works, and can be possible to find some elements from the productions of Tocadisco. So, it's likable to say that he has Tocadisco as an inspirer producer and others as Fedde Le Grand.

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