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Dean Gray is a pseudonym for mashup DJs Party Ben and Team9. Their album American Edit was the subject of a day of coordinated electronic civil disobedience (December 12th 2005) in response to it being served with a C&D from Warner Bros. The album is primarily made of material from American Idiot mixed with everything from Johnny Cash to The Offspring to Oasis to Ashanti. It was initially available for free on the internet, but was removed 10 days later when Dean Gray were sent a cease and desist order from Green Day's record label. This was despite interest from Billie-Joe Armstrong (singer/songwriter of Green Day) in the project, something many pro-file sharing fans claim as proof that record labels often act more in their own interest than any public opinion or artist's intent. The event was similar to 2004's "Grey Tuesday" when Danger Mousewas sent a cease and desist order for his mashup of rapper Jay-Z and The Beatles, The Grey Album by EMI. Grey Tuesday saw at least 100,000 copies of the album distributed... however, it is estimated that American Edit had a distribution of more than twice as much. Related links

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