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Music that can make heads bang, bodies move, and throats scream until the blood comes up. DearestAzazel was born from the idea of forming a new kind of band. The music would be melodic, infectious, quirky, dance able, and yet retain the balls and girth of mighty rock n' roll. Extravagance over understatement... gusto and integrity in every hook and word... and make it a damn fun time always... thus is the sound of DearestAzazel: power dance rock. The band came together in Gulf Breeze, FL, USA in early 2006, and hit the ground running playing 100 shows in the southeast U.S., pushing a thousand demos into the hands of concert-goers, and self-releasing an album, "Come Closer", in the fall of that year. Early 2007 saw DearestAzazel touring the frozen icy North, upping the ante in their hell raising show and road antics, and recording "Touch Me", a scorching EP recorded by Chris Unck of TMN Productions. The EP brought national management (Neil Sheehan/HM Management) and One Eleven Records. Owner Brad Fischetti heard a sound he loved, saw the band live asking "where are the backing tracks?" (there aren't any), and signed the band to his label. Their One-Eleven debut, "Be Mine" was a huge hit, and can be found in most hot topic stores nationwide. DearestAzazel lost some of it's members in December 2008, but Peter says he will find replacements and keep the musical vision alive.

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