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Debaser is a name that applies to three artists. 1) Debaser - a 4 piece hardcore punk band from Massachusetts 2) Debaser - a hip-hop duo hailing from Portland, Oregon 3) Debaser - a ragga-jungle producer and dj from Toronto 4) Debaser - an indie-rock band from Toronto, Ontario. 1) Debaser were a 4 piece straight edge hardcore punk band from Stoughton Massachusetts. They take influences from bands such as The Nerve Agents, The Trouble and Dead Kennedy's. They formed in the winter of 2008, and their first show being in April of 2008. After releasing a slew of different demo's, they eventually released the Rich White Boys 7" on Just Another Day Records in late summer 2009. Now just as of recent, they just signed with California's own 6131 Records. There wass a 7" in the works for summer of 2010. Debaser broke up in March of 2010. 2) Hailing from Portland, Oregon (USA), Debaser is the group consisting of Ethic & Sapient from the Sandpeople crew. They are currently working on their next Album, "Peerless", which will be released May 4. 3) Debaser (a.k.a. Tyler Grant) started DJing at the age of 16 in his hometown of Toronto, which (in addition to boasting a large Jamaican population) was the epicenter of the North American jungle scene in the late ’90s. (It’s no surprise that many of the new ragga jungle producers–Krinjah, Sixteenarmjack and Rhygin–all spent time there.) He’s since moved on to making universally high quality tunes that mix well-known vocals from established and upcoming dancehall artists with clean basslines and crisp, almost icy drum programming. Read more: 4) Debaser was a Canadian indie rock band from Toronto, Ontario. The band first started playing in the formation that would become Debaser in January 2001 while attending Toronto's Etobicoke School of the Arts. The band started taking things seriously after the notable local booker/promoter Dan Burke stumbled across their rehearsal space and booked Debaser on the spot to play the Silver Dollar in June 2003. In 2004 Debaser released their first self-titled EP on their own label, No-Fi Records. Now out of print, the EP was followed by the 3" single "Full Circle" (out of print) and their debut LP Blackouts in October 2005. Blackouts sold out its initial print run in only 3 months, but has since been re-pressed and is available online and at shows. Extensive Canadian touring in support of Blackouts got Debaser airplay and chart activity on Canadian campus radio coast to coast, and resulted in showcases for the band at Canadian Music Week, North By Northeast, Wavelength and Pitter Patter Nights. 2006 saw the band release the 3" EP Between Houses and a split EP with local shoegazer outfit Fjord Rowboat. In June 2007 the band announced they were taking an extended break. Discography: Debaser (2004, Self-titled EP, out of Print) Full Circle (2005, 3" Single, out of Print) Blackouts (2005, LP) Between Houses (2006, 3" EP) Fjord Rowboat/Debaser (2006, split EP)

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