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Der Dritte Raum ("The Third Room") is the alias of producer Andreas Krüger and live co-pilot Ralf Uhrlandt. In 1994 D3R signed with Sven Väth's Harthouse label, debuted with Elektro Disco EP, followed soon after by the full-length album Mental Modulator in the same year. They went on to release another full-length on Harthouse (Wellenbad) then, after that label's demise, signed to Virgin Schallplatten GmbH for their 3rd album Raumgleiter, 4th album Distanz, and latest release Klubraum. D3R is best known in Germany and elsewhere as a live PA and is one of the few artists to merge techno, trance, house and funk into one new sound that is uniquely identifiable. Their largest songs to date are "Hale Bopp" and "Polarstern," both championed by DJs like Sasha & Digweed during the height of the progressive trance movement. Now they have returned to a funkier, more retro sound while still keeping some of the original spacey, melodic textures. Currently D3R is represented and booked by Cocoon. Website

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