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D`espairsray biography

D'espairsRay (formerly typeset as DéspairsRay and +DéspairsRay+) was an electro-industrial metal/rock band hailing from Japan formed on September 9, 1999 by HIZUMI (vocals/lyricist, ex-Le'veil), Karyu (guitar/main composer, ex-Dieur Mind, currently in Angelo), ZERO (bass, currently in THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S) and TSUKASA (drums/co-composer, ex-Le'veil, currently in THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S). They have maintained a consistent line-up since their inception. The band’s foundation is built upon the expression of despair and hope. They describe their own music as “hard, electronic rock”, which incoporates and is influenced by several genres including but not limited to: industrial, metal, electronic, gothic rock, punk, and pop. Most songs have industrial and electronic based keyboards and heavy metal guitars and influences from pop music. As of 2011, as well as internationally touring on several occasions, the quartet has released four studio albums, two best-of compilations, two EP's, 7 DVD's, 5 demo tapes and 14 singles. Due to vocalist HIZUMI’s ongoing throat condition, the band was on hiatus for six months. He planned to return once his condition would have been improved but in June 2011 D'espairsRay made the announcement that they had mutually decided to disband because HIZUMI'S condition was not improving. http://www.despairsray.jp/ http://www.myspace.com/officialdespairsray http://twitter.com/despairs

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