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An alias for Maurizio De Jorio, an italo disco and Eurobeat musician from the 1990s. Like most musicians in the Eurobeat genre, he has performed under a number of pseudonyms for various labels (including A-Beat-C and Delta). Maurizio De Jorio is probably most well known for his song "Night of Fire" which he performed under the Niko alias. He is also incredibly popular for the songs he performed that appeared in the anime Initial D. Some of these songs include: Marko Polo - "Speedy Speed Boy", Marko Polo - "Stop Your Self Control", Morris - "Crazy for Your Love", D. Essex - "Take Me to the Top", D.Essex - "Music for Hire", Max Coveri - "Golden Age", Max Coveri - "Running in the 90's", Edo Boys - "No One Sleep in Tokyo", and Niko - "Night of Fire". Currently, De Jorio sings as Niko for Bratt Sinclaire's label SinclaireStyle.

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