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Actually there are/were 7 Bands called Destiny. 1) German Death Metal Band, released one demo ("Devotion") in 1995 2) Italian Heavy Metal Band, released 1 demo in the 80's 3) Polish Thrash Metal Band formed in 1990, no releases 4) Doom Metal Band from Slovakia, 1 demo ("Sense") in 2003, status (active or split-up) is unknown 5) US Melodic Heavy Metal Band, formed in 1989, which released 2 demos 6) Destiny is a heavy metal/progressive metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden, founded by Stefan Björnshög. In 1982, Destiny, one of Sweden's very first real heavy metal bands first saw the light of day. Unlike the few other Swedish bands in the genre that were around back then Destiny still exists. Early influences included Black Sabbath, Savatage and Metal Church, but most of all Destiny have taken their influences one step further and added so much that the result is completely their own. 7) Power Metal band from Costa Rica, founded at the end of 2013 by Anton Darusso and Bryan S. Molina. Destiny's debut CD, TIME, was released on may 2014. During that year Destiny signed with the German label Powerprog for a digital release of a special edition of TIME that contains two bonus tracks, one with the participation of italian singer Roberto Tiranti.

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