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There are multiple artists bearing the name Detonation: 1) Detonation is a melodic death metal and arguably thrash metal influenced band from Zeist, Netherlands, originally formed as Infernal Dream in 1997 by Koen Romeijn (vocals, guitar), Thomas Kalksma (drums) and Mike Ferguson (guitar). They've so far released one EP "Lost Euphoria" (2000), one promo "Promo 2001" (2001) and four full-length albums, "An Epic Defiance" (2002), "Portals to Uphobia" (2005), "Emission Phase" (2007) and most recently "Reprisal" (2011). In the autumn of 2010, after completing "Reprisal", Otto Schimmelpenninck (bass), Danny Tunker (guitar) and Michiel van der Plicht (drums) left the band due to lack of time. The band is on hold since November 2011. After long consideration Koen and Mike have decided to take a break from Detonation. Presently (2014) the band rehearses sporadically with Otto back on bass and a new drummer. Official Website Official Facebook 2) Detonation was a thrash metal band from Canada. They changed their name to Fireign after their debut demo in 2001. 3) Detonation was a christian power metal band from Switzerland. They were originally called Freispruch, changing their name to Detonation in 1998. They released their debut EP "Cry It Out" in 1999, shortly after disbanding the band due to internal conflict with some of the core members. Some of them went on to join Disobedience in 2000.

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