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D:Fuse (real name Dustin Fusilier) is a Texas DJ/producer. He has released singles and compilations on record labels such as Moonshine Music and Perfecto Records. He is perhaps most well known for his double disc People compilations on System Recordings. He has toured throughout the United States at clubs such as Spundae. D:Fuse's philosophy is quite simple: "Music has saved my life, and all I want to do is pass on my musical message. I've been handed some wonderful opportunities and experiences in my life through music and I consider it a great privilege to be able to give something back in return." Born and bred in Texas, D:Fuse always dreamt of being a musician. As a teenager, D:Fuse hated electronic music. He broke onto the Texas club scene ten years ago performing industrial music under the name Culture Industry. After several years of playing the live music circuit, D began to feel that the scene was becoming old and began to believe that the real art in music wasn't just in playing it, but in creating and writing it. Live instruments seemed to have a lot of limitations. Also influenced by bands like The Fixx, The Chameleons, U2, Ministry and Depeche Mode, the young D:Fuse soon turned his energies to full-time DJing - spinning progressive music. As his DJ reputation grew, he began spinning all over the USA, Canada and Mexico. His first mix CD, "Psychotrance 2000" was released in September 1999. That album was met with such enthusiasm that D followed it up with "Psychotrance 2001" and then "Progressive Mix Sessions: Volume One". When D:Fuse's skills came to the attention of Paul Oakenfold, Oakey was so impressed that he offered D:Fuse the opening slot on two North American Perfecto tours. This gave D:FUSE the opportunity to expand his horizons and establish his name with huge audiences. According to Oakenfold: "D:Fuse represents what I admire most. He's worked hard for what he's achieved, he's a fantastic DJ and artist, he has a creative mind and he understands the whole vibe." A double CD mixed compilation for Paul Oakenfold's "Perfecto Presents" series, "People" was released in February 2002 and immediately entered the CMJ Chart at number 9. Working with a number of notable producers, D:Fuse has managed to keep his style fresh. Under the moniker of Expansion, with writer/producer Shane Howard, D:Fuse caught the attention of many world-class DJs with "Feel" - featured on Dave Seaman's "Global Underground: Buenos Aires" compilation. Also licensed was "Perspectives" to Paul van Dyk's label, Vandit. ________________________________________ D:Fuse's 2003 project "PEOPLE_2: Both Sides of the Picture" is a 2-CD mix for System Recordings - obviously the sequel to "People". The set features five never previously released tracks from the Texan prodigy. The Downtempo mix on disc 1, "People: Chilling", showcases tracks from the likes of Feel and Mark Horwood alongside three of D:Fuse's own productions. Disc 2, "People: Clubbing", features a high-energy mix designed to encompass the club-feel. Opening with Scanners (featuring D:Fuse on vocals) "Music is About You" and closing with a D:Fuse cover/remix of U2's "New Year's Day". ________________________________________ At this point D:Fuse traveled the world to collaborate and record with artists he felt could contribute to his "dream album". "Begin" was the final result. The album is an amalgam of D:Fuse's multiple influences from the title track on through to "Living the Dream". "Begin" was released by System Recordings on November 2, 2004 But the buzz on "Begin" first started at the 2004 Winter Music conference with D:Fuse playing 9 shows including the Ultra Music Festival. URB magazine picked D:Fuse as the #2 ranked Artist/DJ for the 2004 Winter Music Conference, just behind Timo Maas. 1,000 copies of the limited edition 12" of "Other Side" sold out that same week. In June 2004 "Prelude to Begin" was released exclusively on iTunes and debuted at #3 and stayed in the top ten dance chart for a month straight. "Prelude to Begin" features 5 mixes and songs not on "Begin". In Chichester UK, D:Fuse recorded with renowned British musician/engineer Mark Horwood. Many of the tracks on "Begin" were engineered by Horwood, who both engineered AND collaborated on "Deep Seduction". Mark and D:Fuse had first worked together on a haunting remix of Deep Architecture's "The Realm (D:Fuse's AM Sunday Mix)", which was rated by leading DJ, Hernan Cattaneo as "one of best tracks of 2001". In Los Angeles, D:Fuse collaborated with Pete Lorimer (a.k.a. 29 Palms) on the tracks "Other Side", "A Light Less Broken" and remixed "Living the Dream" into an amazing Chill version. On to Chicago to collaborate with long-time friends Blueletter (a.k.a. Grayarea) - the result of which is "Indecision". Vocalist Jes Braden, performing on more than a few tracks with D:Fuse, For "Everything With You", D:Fuse enlisted the voice of Jes Braden, who has newfound success as the vocalist for Motorcycle (Dave Dresden and Josh Gabriel), whom have had a long-running dance club chart-topping hit with "As The Rush Comes". Jes has appeared to sing "Everything With You" for live PAs on two or more occasions during D:Fuse's former residency at San Francisco's legendary Saturday night party, RELEASE, at Ten15 Folsom. Jes is also the featured vocalist on "Into Me" and "Living the Dream". Two versions of "Living the Dream" are on the album and both versions are already turning heads with prominent labels and taste-makers. Paul Oakenfold put the Extended Version on his "Creamfields" CD that was released worldwide in August 2004 and is also featured on "Ultra Trance Volume 4". The Chill Version is on "Perfecto Chills Volume 2" that came out in July 2004. ________________________________________ D:Fuse's DJ sets include true live performance. To add a completely new angle to his shows, D:Fuse uses the Roland HPD 15 Handsonic to play live percussion during his DJ sets. Many tracks also feature his own vocals as well as other artists for live PAs. For "PEOPLE_3", D:Fuse took the "live DJ" concept to a whole new level. The album was released on September 20, 2005 on the Moist Music label. It features D:Fuse’s new live show debut. Like the previous albums, "People_3" is a two-disc set. Disc 1: "People_Clubbing" was recorded live in San Francisco, CA at Club Mighty. The set features a full percussion setup for the first time - including D:Fuse's signature mix of Electronic Congas, Bongos, Tablas and Timbales - as well as adding Tom-Tom drums, Cymbals and live filter effects. It also features DJ/Producer Mike Hiratzka on guitar, bass and keyboards and Austin’s MC Flint. Disc 2: "People_Chilling" is a chill-out mix recorded live in Austin, TX at the Lift Room - providing the perfect atmospheric pre-party or after-party soundtrack. ________________________________________ As an electronic music pioneer in alternative media outlets, D:FUSE can currently be heard on his own DJ mix show "The People's Mix" - one of America's top nationally broadcast electronic music shows on XM Satellite Radio in the primetime Saturday night spot. D:FUSE also has a weekly Friday night show on KBIG 104.3 FM in Los Angeles and is flying high on Delta Airlines in-flight music programming electronica channel with his very own 60-minute mix: "D:Fusion". (A majority of the above was quoted directly or very slightly modified (for readability only) from http://www.djdfuse.com/about.htm)

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