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Dialectix (born 1986) is from the Blue Mountains, Australia. Establishing himself as an essential member of the Sydney scene, Dialectrix broke out in 2004 as part of Triple J Unearthed winners Down Under Beats, realising the skills ever present since his beginnings as an MC at the age of 14.. Featuring heavily on their albums Hiphoperation and Under Raps along with label mate Chasm’s Beyond the Beat Tape, Dialectrix’s lyricism and urgency is met head on with a unique energy aimed at both cementing his ability while at the same time, challenging listeners to the vast possibilities of his potential. Armed with intellect, ability, and flair, Dialectrix has shared the stage with a legion of international and national acts including De la Soul, Jurassic 5, Swollen Members, and The Jungle Brothers, and set the stage alight in 2008 as part of the Obese Records Block Party Tour. His music consciously thematic, and his words, deeply personal, his latest material is his most polished, and most introspective to date. Preparing for his highly anticipated Obese debut, Cycles of Survival, Dialectrix has collaborated with Pegz, Drapht, Mdusu, Joe New, Scot Burns, Rinse, and Thundamentals. Much like his persona, the album stretches the boundaries of the genre with its wide range of influences and styles, creating a backdrop of lush instruments, commanding beats, and rhythms set to rise when the album drops in October. Fuelled by the single “Outcast” and with production by Chasm, this is the calm before the storm. My last name Leaf came from William Leaf who was English royalty #dtrixfacts He fell in love with a Maori princess from the Ngapuhi tribe from north New Zealand My Mums Dad was a champion boxer and a butcher. He introduced pork pies to New Zealand and Australia I first starting making music age of 5 playing the drums I then learned guitar at 7 I could play stairway to heaven plus solo and tears in heaven by 8 My aunty made me play tears in heaven annually to grieve my still born cousin I hate that song I wrote my first lyrics for a friend for a blues song when I was 7. I still remember them I skipped yr 5 at school this lead to me never learning roman numerals I used to punch on all the time in primary school cuz my Dad taught martial arts At 8 I got in a scrap with a 13 yr old hoodlum he broke my nose I wrote my first rap in surfers paradise in a pool at 14. The first words were 'got the cases off our faces' The first group I was in was with my cousin Josh Barker. I was 7 he was 10 we made 2 tapes of acoustic guitar/spoons/clapping @joenewmc was the only other person I knew who rapped. We met when I was 14 cuz his girlfriend lived on my st #dtrixfacts I never took rapping serious until I heard Organised Konfusions 'Prisoners of war' I knew from then on what I wanted to do. I used to beat box and break before I started rhyming My first m.c alias was The Grinch. In a work accident a blade of metal popped my right eye ball.Had to have stitches I was 1mm away from losing sight/whole eye I was literally going to stop releasing music and focus on some other way of life but then @PegzOne called me and signed me. @Bias_B Rejuvenator of rhyme, that sorta come automatic. Poetical, medical, medicine for the cerebellum.... There was a time where I could quote the entire dialogue of 'dumb and dumber' verbatim. incident had to work in a prison and they made me write out every time I got arrested many cried with laughter at previous tweet There is nearly an album worth of songs which my old crew DUB crew wrote with @LOTEK that have not seen the light of day The first time I properly met @DJ2BUCK was when he left $20 bucks in an atm. I gave it to him and we bro'd down from there I first met @CHASM1 through @LOTEK.They were going to do an @AstronomyClass gig and @ozibatla couldn't perform I took his place. If that never happened I would never had met @CHASM1 or have got signed by @obeserecords When I was 15 I got hit by a car crossing the road.Now I have a fear of crossing roads and compulsively sprint across every one I have, on many a drunken occasion sung 'Hold Tight' by Che Fu with @donjoyride watching the sunrise

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