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There are at least three projects bearing the name Dina. 1) Dina is a Norwegian pop-singer. Real name: Caroline Dina Kongerud (born 1 August 1985). She has released five successful singles "Bli hos meg" ("Stay with me"), "For evig min" ("Forever mine") and "Besatt" ("Obsessed") in 2003. "Bli hos meg" was extremely popular, topping the Norwegian charts for several weeks. In 2005 she released "Hvis" ("If") and "En sommernatts drøm" ("A summernight's dream"). Her debut-album "Dina" was released in November 2003. Dina was one of the artists discovered and build by the infamous Tribe Records (NO). Dina placed 4th in Miss Norway 2003 only months before she became an artist. 2) Dina was a punk band from the UK. 3) Dina is a Portuguese singer. Eurovision Song Contest 1992 - Malmo Entry for Portugal Performer: Diná Song title: Amor D'água Fresca Song writer(s): Rosa Lobato de Faria Song composer(s): Nandina Veloso Sang in Position: 8 Final Position: 17 Total Points: 26 For the third time after 1975 and 1985, Sweden was the host for the 1992 Eurovision Song Contest because of Carola's close win in 1991. This time, the city of Malmö had the hounour of hosting the contest. A new record of participating countries was set because the Netherlands returned to the contest this year, so 23 countries took part in the 1992 event. The stage in the venue MalmöMässan was a very interesting one as it was set in the shape of a Viking ship's bow with a dragon in the centre and stars on each side. Switzerland sent Daisy Auvray to the contest in Sweden. Actually, Daisy had only came second in the country's national preselection, but went to Eurovision after the original winner, Géraldine Olivier, was disqualified. German pop titan and Eurovision veteran, Dieter Bohlen participated again this year as the Austrian entry's composer. His working relationship with singer, Tony Wegas, was put under strain however after Bohlen's then girlfriend had problems getting her pet dog into the country and Bohlen became inaccessible. Bohlen re-used the Austrian entry more than 10 years later as the title song of the German edition of Pop Idol. It became a million-seller and was much more successful than Tony Wegas' original song Zusammen Geh'n. The runner-up in 1984, Linda Martin, won for Ireland this year with the song Why Me? composed - once again - by Johnny Logan who had already won the song contest twice before in 1980 and 1987. Linda Martin managed to overcome the United Kingdom pre-contest favourite by Michael Ball who sang One Step Out Of Time as well as another song performed in English, Little Child by Maltese Mary Spiteri which ended up second and third respectively.

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