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Dirty Vegas is an electronic/dance/club trio from London, made up of Steve Smith, Paul Harris, and Ben Harris. (no relation) The group first gained public attention in North America when one of their songs, Days Go By, was used in a Mitsubishi Eclipse commercial. This song is their biggest hit to date. The group's first album, the self-titled Dirty Vegas, contained a mix of electronic/club instrumentals and similar tracks with vocals by Steve Smith. This album was influenced by The Crystal Method and The Chemical Brothers, but with a slightly more laid-back approach. Songs like Throwing Shapes or The Brazilian would sound at home on an album by either of these two contemporaries. Their second studio album, One, moved away from club music, and featured a style reminiscent of an adult contemporary album; none of the tracks went on to become hits. Some fans were put off by the drastic departure from their first album, while other fans welcomed the change. The band reports that their third studio outting should strike a balance between the two, leaning toward the club style again.

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