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There are several artists using the name Dizzy: 1. Dizzy band from Finland. 2. Dizzy rapper from South Carolina. 3. Juha Kujanpää, a finnish demoscene musician. 4. DIZZY is a japanese rock band formed in February 2008. (Members: Vo. Mio, Gt. Otsubu Namida, Gt. You, Ba. Shigure, Dr. Pyokotan) OHP Dizzy, consisting of 18-19 year old youngsters, comes from Finland's promised town of hard rock, Lappeenranta. Rakish girls (Satu, Tanja, Piia ja Tiia) and a boy called Jesse play together melodic hard rock that has a visual look spiced up by the mysterious world of manga. The group members got to know each other through a band school in Lappeenranta. Bassist Tanja's compositions and singer Satu's personal voice caught producer Anssi Kippo's attention and he promised to record the band's first demo in his studio. Compositions, performance and production quickly aroused Warner Music's interest and the band was signed to a multinational record label. This spring's coolest newcomer's debut single "One Good Reason" is the first warning of this young band's skills, outflowing energy and the singer's amazing voice. Official Homepage 2. Dizzy is a upcoming rapper, born in Charleston, SC and raised in Summerville, SC. He has been rapping since 2010; ever since the mic was put in front of him he just continues to sharpen his skills and technique. One of the only upcoming rappers to really try their hardest to epitomize what a true MC is. He is currently working on a mixtape with ill. from Sketched in Vernacular and his first album. Mixtapes: Sculpting Anatomy Black (With Sketched in Vernacular) Pyramids Planned in Progress (With Sketched in Vernacular) I Believe In Me (Solo. June 18, 2011) Eccentric HipHop (Solo. Dec. 18, 2011)

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