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There are multiple artists who share this name: DJ Lucky is a Japanese jungle/drum 'n bass artist who released three solo albums between 1999 and 2001. He was an original member of サイケアウツ, and has released tracks under the name Traffy, when collaborating with fellow underground Japanese electronic artist, Traffic Jammies. DJ Lucky (Born Nicholas Kyle L Luckner January 12, 1987) is one beatmaker you will come to recognize in the next 10 years. Protege of the highly praised producer Al Sween and highly influenced by Timbaland, Pete Rock, and the Hyphy movement, Lucky is no less than what you would expect, experimental. Currently coming off of a 4 year hiatus from (2003-2007) Lucky is now making his way from small town music lover, to big city hitmaker with projects such as the "Dipset" crew, in which his latest goal is to attack the "Streets," and show them a different side of the hip hop sound.

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