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DJ Mujava’s real name is Elvis Maswanganyi, he’s 21 and hails from a Pretorian township called Attridgeville. He got his break when taxi drivers - who had heard him play on community radio and act as independent grassroots music distributors in South Africa’s urban townships - started spreading his sound in their cab stereos and selling CDs they had acquired from visits to his house directly to their customers accross Pretoria. His popularity grew and he eventually signed with a well known South African dance music label. Up until now however, he’s not released anything outside the country. DJ Mujava’s formula on ‘Township Funk’s is simple. It’s tough, dark, African dance music from the industrial city of Pretoria, South Africa. It’s perhaps the most infectious dance record you’ll hear this year, echoing the early Warp sound of LFO or the Forgemasters in an uncanny way, almost 20 years on, across continents. Township Funk was released by Warp Records (and This is Music Ltd in the UK) on september 15th.

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