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Born Orhan Terzi in Turkey, the name "DJ Quicksilver" was created at a DJ contest as the audience broke the column of quicksilver, which was installed as a success-o-meter, by applauding. DJ Quicksilver took his first steps towards DJing 20 years ago. Success first came with the production of "Bingo Bongo". Orhan Terzi and his producer Tommaso De Donatis immediately had a huge club hit that remained in the German sales charts at a high position for weeks. Quicksilver's next hits came with the single "Boing", and the Quicksilver remix of Insomnia. The remix was even more successful than the original version. Quicksilver has a long line of great singles that followed afterwards. These include "Bellisima", "Free", "Planet Love", "Cosmophobia", "Ameno", and "New Life". Many of Quicksilver's tracks have made their way to the top of German sales charts. Terzi presently lives in Germany and has been for over 30 years.

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