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S3RL is the creator of song PRETTY RAVE GIRL and is an Australian DJ, specializes in Techno/Trance/UK hardcore, & Happy Hardcore genres. All of his releases can be heard and purchased on his website. He has over 200 releases. Jole Hughes contact page! 9 hours of free S3RL mixes here! S3RL is also in a new band called R0BOTS with ex - The Medic Droid member j0hnny He has been known to do Remixes (most famous for his FER SURE Remix - originally by The Medic Droid and use samples of many songs - old and new. He also does a lot more original tracks than remixes, and does his own singing/vocals on his music as well. Recently S3RL started his own record label called Emfa Music! Buy all his music on iTunes and anything found on his label directly! Longer BIO_________________________________ Jole Hughes, better known as DJ S3RL, is a DJ and electronic music producer from Brisbane, Australia. Most of S3RL’s work is produced on Reason 3.0 by Propellerhead software. Early years S3RL’s first experience with digital music production came in 2000 with the release of Sony Playstation’s Music series. The game allowed users to create original melodies via musical notation and had some sequencing and effects capabilities. Soon after, he developed a keen interest in the emerging Brisbane rave scene and attended his first event, Advent*jah, in 2001. Brisbane’s affinity for the harder, bouncier genres of rave music had a definitive influence over the producer who began to focus more on hardcore and happy hard tracks. In late 2005, S3RL met Kevin Energy on his Freeformation tour and gave him a demo disc of 10 tracks he had created on Reason 2.3. Shortly after, Kevin Energy emailed to give good word over the demo and eventually proposed the release of the original production Transformers. Career breakthrough S3RL’s first appearance on vinyl came in 2006 with Relentless Records as the A-side track alongside EFM-7’s Raver Raver Raver. The release was notable as being the first ever hardcore production to come out of Brisbane. Still maintaining strong ties with DJ Kevin Energy, he is currently working on several projects for release in 2007. Dance Mastery Prior to gaining recognition as a DJ, S3RL was already well-known in the Brisbane rave scene as a highly skilled rave dancer. With some previous experience in gymnastics and trampolining, S3RL developed a style of the Brisbane stomp that included spins, drops and liquid dance moves. He became most acclaimed though for his aptitude in dynamic front and backflips, achieving some success in local amateur dance comps.

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