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DJ Schmolli (located nearby Vienna, Austria) is not only a deejay but also a musician, producer & remixer. He played in various bands before he did his very first mashup mix (Creed vs. Destiny’s Child) in the year 2000. After doing a couple more mixes he decided to follow other musical projects, mainly as a live musician. At this time around DJ Schmolli also became resident DJ in a few clubs & pubs in his hometown earning his first experiences behind the turntables. Thanks to the internet and the fact the mashup scene literally exploded DJ Schmolli decided to do some bootlegging again back in autumn 2005. Until today he can look back at over 150 mashups and a few remixes. The most successful ones in the early days were „Don’t Cha Push My Humps“ (Sugababes vs. Black Eyed Peas vs. Pussycat Dolls vs. Madonna vs. Gorillaz), „Hollaback Thriller Girl“(Michael Jackson vs. Gwen Stefani) and „Don’t Cha Rock My Milkshake“ (Zoe vs. Pussycat Dolls & Busta Rhymes vs. Kelis). Over the years Schmolli found himself a place in the top bootleggers league mixing almost every available musical genre into unique mashups. No matter if pop, rock, alternative, dance, heavy metal or reggae, DJ Schmolli can mix it. From Michael Jackson vs. Justice (“Justice For Billie Jean”) to The Monkees vs. Iron Maiden (“The Trooper Believer”) to his highly acclaimed Falco mashup tribute album called “Falco Re:loaded” from 2008. Schmolli also contributed tracks to various mashup albums like „Bride Of Monster Mashup“ or the Kraftwerk tribute “Bootwerk”. DJ Schmolli’s mashups have been recommended in The Toronto Star and The Washington Post. Also many of them were featured and recommended on The Bootie Top 10, Audioporn Central, Mashuptown and Bootlegs France. They constantly get airplay all over the world as on BBC Radio1 or Austria’s biggest radio station Ö3 and their video releases reach thousands of views on Youtube. DJ Schmolli also increased his live presence. Besides being resident DJ at Bootie Munich and Bootie Vienna he also played DJ sets in Paris, Berlin, New York, Los Angeles and Budapest to name just a few. DJ Schmolli's official site:

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