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There are at least 11 bands named Downfall (you'd think at least one of them would change their name). (1) Californian Punk band Downfall was a ska and punk band from the Bay Area formed by Tim Armstrong, Matt Freeman, Dave Mello, Pat Mello, and Jason Hammon following the break-up of Operation Ivy in 1989 and pre-dating Armstrong's and Freeman's wider recognition in Rancid. They performed three shows at Gilman over a period of three months: one of these shows was recorded. for more info check out (2) Croatian melodic death metal band, formed in January of 2003. All founding members are present in the current lineup to this day. Karlo Horvat (vocals/guitars), Rade Malobabić (guitars), Marko Vladilo (bass) and Igor Malobabić (drums). After numerous gigs across the country, covering bands like Children of Bodom(especially the vocals), Death, Pantera, Nevermore, Ark, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Opeth and others also having original material influenced by the forementioned. In May 2006, they successfuly sign a temporary contract with a major label to contribute material for an all standout acts of their hometown compilation recording 2 songs "Second" & "B.l.e.a.k.". For more info see (3) Finnish metal band from Tampere. They have changed their name to Blackstar Halo. (4) French neofolk/darkfolk band Although they come from France, Downfall make use of German vocals in their Dark Folk recipe, which offers also acoustic guitars and passionate cello arrangements. Album "Meine Selbszerstorung" (2000) (5) Dutch rock band see for more info (6) A Synthie-Pop-Metal Band from Liechtenstein founded in 2002 for more info check out: (7) A melodic death metal band from the North East of England. Founded in 2007 and the recordings for the first demo began in early 2008. Check out: (8) An Industrial-Ambient solo act from Sydney, Australia. (9) The actual trademark holder in the United States for the name Downfall. US Serial #77275091. Downfall is a progressive death-metal band from Washington, DC. and can be found at (10) Downfall were also an extreme-metal band from Somerset, south-west UK (active 1993-2009). Downfall originally formed in 1993 from the ashes of Somerset based death-metallers Embodiment (1991-1993). (11) Hardcore/Hatecore band from Germany. When researching band names at the time of the bands formation in '93, they could only find reference to two other bands called Downfall on what there was of an internet back then. Both bands had long since split and neither appeared to have any official releases. One of these was the short lived Californian punk band (ex-operation ivy) who went on to form Rancid. see #1 and the other was a Canadian metal band (who later reformed in 2007). Figuring the name was dead and therefore open game, the band members decided to use it! Downfall self-released a handful of e.p.'s over the years and several of their songs charted highly in the metal charts of various mp3 sites (including the original, soundclick and garageband) . Downfall also supported the likes of Napalm Death, Dry Kill Logic, The Berzerker, Stampin' Ground and Cloven Hoof (plus many other notable underground metal bands!). Downfall was finally laid to rest in June 2009 after the band formed a side-project called Kinasis, which eventually superceded and ultimately ended Downfall.

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