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Dr. Dre


Artist: Dr. Dre
Genre: Hip-Hop
3.5 stars - based on 10 reviews
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(Smoking and coughing)
I never wanted to work for motherfuckers
that told me what to do, so I did my own thing
Sometimes shit got thick, but I made it through
Now I'm stacking chips every time the phone rings
I'm in a world of liars and connivers
Caught between fires, dope dealing suppliers
But I must maintain, think on a level much higher
This shit ain't worth a twenty-five to lifer
People always asking me how I made it in this trade
Paparazzi got my biz front page
But I all got to say is
This is good livin
The fast cars and women
This shit gets the bills paid
People of the world, what we living for
That money, fast money
People of the world, what we dying for
That money, fast money
Everybody's going crazy for
That money, fast money
Speaking of which, can I get some of your money, cash money
(end chorus)
How many niggas can say they got their own
Got their shit together
Got a nice stash to do whatever
All you sitting at home
Hating on the next man that's making cheddar
Trying to get his shit together
I dreamed of hitting licks, when I first got in the mix
When back when DJ's was heavy in the crates, for brakes
And ain't a damn thing changed

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