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1) Drag is Darren Middleton on guitar and vocals. On drums is the band's co-founder, Mark McElligott, an old mate of Darren's and long-time member of the Finger's travelling party, plus a couple of buddies and excellent musos from the Brisbane scene: Sean Hartman on bass and Matt Murphy on keys. 2) Drag was the name of a Chicago industrial rock band featuring Howie Beno that went on to be called 13 Mg. after releasing a single EP, "Pilfer", on Flipside Records in 1994. 3)Drag was the name of a Greek band back in 90's whose most widely known song is the cover of the famous Public Image Ltd track "This Is Not A Love Song". 4) Drag is the name of a Birmingham rock band whose Last.fm is DRAGBirmingham. DRAG (DressedAsGirl) are an energetic sleazy-punk band with outrageous songs and a live show to match. They address themes most other bands would be afraid to - such as eating disorders, gender issues and self-harm without apology. Their stage show oozes sexual prowess and is as compelling as it is defiant. Being fronted by three females adds a misleading innocence to their song content, but careful listening reveals a darker undertone to many of DRAG's performances. DRAG are regulars at Ladyfest and female-fronted band nights, providing a strong female stage presence without falling into the territory of ''all-girl’ band. The tension between Heather and Velma delightfully crackles on stage,making no secret of their sexuality, without sacrifice or apology. They have independently released their second EP, "Homemade Plastic Surgery" under their own label, Sleazy Punk Records. This was released worldwide on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify in April 2011. Their debut Kickstarter-funded album, "Neurotica: A Commpendium Of Tales Regarding Body & Mind" was release on 5th May 2014, also independently on Sleazy Punk Records. Twitter: @DRAGBirmingham Skype: DRAGBirmingham YouTube: www.youtube.com/DRAGBirmingham

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