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Drs biography

There are at least three groups, known as D.R.S. 1) DRS is a satirical rap group from Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Members include The White O.B., G*foR$E, and Master β, formerly a member of the Red Lite Dyztrik. DRS is notorious for inviting anyone, and we mean anyone, in the vicinity of their recording studio, to rap with them. Their widely-anticipated 2010 album, Schizophrendia, marked the beginning of a new satirical rap era. Well known for their studio demands, DRS requires a steady supply of Carlo Rossi wine, Sriracha sauce, and Sumatra coffee grounds. DRS is currently working on their upcoming 2011 sophomore album. 2) The earlier D.R.S. was a Californian group who brought gangsta rap to R&B. They did a hit song "Gangsta Lean" and an album with the same name in 1993. D.R.S. stood for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. 3) The other group is Dope Reach Squad (DRS) - a Bulgarian RAP and hip-hop band, working on raga and hip-hop beats and rap lyrics, veterans from the Bulgarian hip-hop scene. You can find more about them here (on last.fm) or here (their official website). 4) D.R.S. (Dead Reich Supremacy) is a dark ambient / death industrial project from France . official website . 5) DRS (Del Pottinger) is a UK rapper hailing from Manchester. Mainly known for his work with Strategy and Konny Kon as part of "Broke N' English" 6) DRS is a Hardcore/Thrash band From Ostend, Belgium. OCHC knutseloarsstad There is a Swiss radio network called DRS.

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