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There are at least 5 bands on last.fm by the name Dry: (1) Dry is a french rapper from south of Paris (94). Intouchable his group, "Les derniers seront les premiers" his last album. (2) Indonesian Black Metal, hailing from Surabaya. Formed in 1990 under Panzerfaust Division Label. Their music talk about Pain, Darkness, War, Blasphemed Reality. check their myspace site at http://www.myspace.com/drycorpse. Their Current Line-Up : Lord Morgan (Eric) - Guitar, vocals Daniel Natjaard - Drums Vaarmossath - Bass Discography : Under the Veil of Religion [EP] 1997 Satanic Cross Single 1997 Belenggu Kelam [EP] 1998 Titian Ujung Raga [Full-length] 2001 Untaian Legam [Full-length] 2003 Singanezian Heathens [Split] 2006 Frozenfire [Single] 2006 (3) Taken loosely from the bio page on their site at http://www.dryband.com: DRY is basically a guitar based 3 piece band with Sean Kistler on lead guitar/vocals, Jim Morgan on 12 string bass, and Brandon Merry on drums. DRY is most noted for their live performances filled with lots of rock and roll energy. (4) A pop-rock outfit from Grand Rapids, MI active in the late 1990s and early 2000s appearing on the WGRD RadioActiv Compilations II, III, IV & V. (5) Short-lived Cantopop music duo from Hong Kong consisting of composer/music producer Mark Lui and actor Stephen Fung. From 1997 - 1998 they released 3 studio albums and 1 compilation before parting ways. Post Dry, Fung continued acting and went on to become a film director in 2004.

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