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There are at least 2 artists with this name: A) Asturian Folk band and B) Melodic Death Metal band. A) Dulcamara (Also known as Panderetes Dulcamara) is an Asturian band that belongs to the rising Asturian Electronic Folk movement or Folk Electronicu together with artists like Sergio Rodríguez or Xera Web: http://www.myspace.com/dulcamarapandereteres B) Melodic Death Metal band... Web: http://www.dulcamara.es | http://www.myspace.com/dulcamaraband Dulcamara was formed by Rufo J. Cantero back in 2003. The band as it was in time consisted of Ricardo Ortega (guitar), Mauricio Morante (bass) and Roberto Suarez (drums). It will not be until 2005 when the original line up was closed with César Arroyo (vocals) and Fernando del Olmo (keyboards). The band chose the Melodic Death Metal music line for its work but with some others influences. In 2005 the band has written enough material to choose from for the recording of a Demo-CD. So during 2005 recording starts although it wouldn’t see light until 2006, due to difficulties with the producer and engineer of sounds. During the first months of 2006 Dulcamara presents a mini-CD called "Territorio Comanche" which was just a preview of what the band could offer, with two songs taken from his next LP, a remix and a track with an interactive track with video, photo gallery and biography. In mid-2006 presents its first Demo CD "Dulcamara", with ten pieces of very diverse influences that lets the band play and move with more than intentions in the world of music. Recording Line-Up "Dulcamara" 2006: Cesar Arroyo – Lead Vocals Rufo J. Cantero – Electric Guitar and Backing Vocals Ricardo Ortega - Electric Guitar Fernando del Olmo – Keyboards and Synthesizers Mauricio Morante – Bass Guitars Roberto Suarez - Drums. In 2007 Mauricio and Roberto decided to leave the band and they were replaced by Sergio Fraile (bass) and Carlos Barba (drums), which offers a much more solid line-up with which to raise a new record. So while working on new material Dulcamara continuing its journey through the peninsula, sharing the stage with bands with important reputation as Hamlet, Saratoga, Nocturnia, Stravaganzza, WarCry, with a surprising response from the public before his powerful direct. In November 2007 Dulcamara signed a license deal with CD Music Records and soon started recording the follow up: “Anatómicamente Imperfecto”, but this time in excellent conditions: Leo Jimenez (ex-Saratoga, Stravaganzza, Supra) is offered himself to be the producer of the new work, which will be recorded in Sadman Studios of Santos (ex-Terroristars) as sound engineer. Finally, Mika Jussila of Finnvox Studios (....Helsinki.., ..Finland....) will mastering all the material. The results will be "Anatómicamente Imperfecto", an explosion of creativity and maturity that bets for a brutal yet dynamic and melodic death metal with an European sound. It also has some important collaborations own Leo Jimenez, Dave Rotten (Avulsed), Berse (Rhesus), Toni and Ruben Herrero (Cuernos de Chivo). Till today, this work has received criticism unbeatable throughout the specialized press and radio. Recording Line-Up "Anatómicamente Imperfecto" 2007 : Cesar Arroyo – Lead Vocals Rufo J. Cantero – Electric Guitar Ricardo Ortega - Electric Guitar Fernando del Olmo – Keyboards and Synthesizers Sergio Fraile – Bass Guitars Carlos Barba– Drums The year 2008 has brought an important Spanish tour with Stravaganzza in some of the main Spanish capital and other outstanding concerts as well as the impressive performance of Dulcamara in the Fantasy and Horror Films Festival of Sitges, or its third place in the finals of Young Artists Castilla-La Mancha

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