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Dump biography

'Dump' can refer to at least four bands: 1) The solo project of yo la tengo bassist and multi-instrumentalist James McNew. 2) The Band DUMP has been formed in 1990 on the initiative of three musicians: Zwierzak - Sebastian Dolata on bass and voc, Slepy- Maciej Gluchowski on drums and Jacek Adamczyk on guitar. In 1992 year the band with the new guitarist - Shadock, starts recording its first album "Mothers of Caps" at Gold Rock Studio in Warsaw. Some months later Two guitarists - Adamczyk & Shadock leave the Band. They have been formed Krishna Brothers Band. In 1994 the Band starts recording its second album " Hypocrite Dance " with new guitar player - Gnot - Maciej Makowski. For the second time Dump recorded their album at Gold Rock Studio. The Band Dump played many gigs all over the Europe with the alternative bands - Assassins of God, Sabot, Hammer Head, Guzzard, Cows, Today is The Day and many many .... In 1995 year joined the band - Mysliwy - the Performer. In 1998 The Band has decided to stop their activity. In 2005 year three Men - Gnot, Slepy & Zwierzak made decision to continue the project. In 2007 year The Band Dump wants to record third album, publishes their first and second album with bonus materials & makes some gigs. We will see...... 3) Dump is also the name of an Italian band playing cold atmospheric dark ambient music. 4) A Dutch glam rock group.

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