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Dunja Ilić was born 10 September 1991 in Belgrade, where she finished elementary and high school. Currently studying two faculties: Political Science, Department of International relations and culture media. She comes from a family of intellectuals from her mother and father, John, Mirjana, and has a brother of Krishna. In elementary school she was very popular, but he says not as princezica from fine families, but as a rebel Rampant. It goes to the choir and drama but is simultaneously developing their creativity and already at that age gain sympathy environment daring ideas. With fifteen years Dunja recorded two songs and wrote “look foolish”. In the sixteen years she wrote two novels, “Fire” and “There is something that he did not say, but how it is in the divorce between the parents, and contain a lot of autobiographical novels give up announcement, despite insisting that the publishing house and publish novels appearance at the Book Fair that year. Turning to school, finish high school two grades in one school year and decided to finally fulfill all your wishes come true … A little after that on many channels can we see how Quince in one of the best spots ever seen in this area lies in a white coffin and opens his eyes. Delay caused the first song FAMU … All have heard of “Biedermeier” and the lyrics and the song “You make me buried alive, and that in the white suit is pojaviš, while we are laughing at the funeral better lie because I’ll get up …” Dunja Ilic became the only one song one of najvoljenijih and najomraženijih public figures. Negative comments were mostly pointing toward the morbid song, what is Quince said: “I am a little dark, the song is not dedicated to any man because I did not hurt any, talking about friends who hurt me, the song should not be understood literally, but Yes, I am vain and vindictive …”. Fama about “bouquets” you just went to the famous event Dunja “Belgrade winner gets the prize for most promising star … Sava Center is presented as “Domino Lady” wearing shocking, transparent red tricot. Dunja soon began to appear more frequently in newspapers and on television … Shock over provocative acts not abating again kude and praise, and Dunja replied: “It is done in order to attract attention, and I caught it, and for negative comments just do not care …”. A little after that Quince announces that it will release fourth book on which it is said: “I think that deserves to see the light of day, one of the reasons this book izdajem and the first three I did is that in this memoir lies only in the character of the girls on the writing rather than in situations in which it passes …”. Not long after the city was full of billboards with Dunjinim face, and with them the message that best describes … MYSTERY … A little later comes Dunjin first album with ten songs. The audience recognizes the close relationship between Quinces, which can be described as a girl with a smile on his lips and sadness in the eyes and serious articles that I still carry a positive message. Through the powerful lyrics of songs in which Dunja singing about himself such as “I am the evil blood of heroin place to drink wine, if it would end the life you live, this goodness in me to survive …” and the title song “The whole life I’m older for Dunja said that to describe it as it feels, gaining confidence and the first week of the album sold six thousand copies. Quince is it stated: “I am glad that the audience recognized the songs in my emotions, because I’m not real hits, I write and sing your life and emotions …”. In an interview after the question odkud so much weight in her songs, she said: “Life is not tedzio me, it’s better that I take pen in hand than the syringe …”. Of course it’s better … In an interview with ze one internet portal said: “I lived violently, live and will live …” but only so much she wanted to say about his private life with the excuse: “When I talked about my life they told me to invent a modern fairy tale so I’ll continue to sing about it through various metaphors but not to talk …”. And it succeeded, this beauty is not talking about his private life and do not respond to speculation. But perhaps we and to respond through a song or her inherent mysterious metaphor … For the end I think that the whole Dunjina autobiography lies in the verse of one of her songs: “I do not see the portrait of a woman as the two are seen, one of the place while others laugh, but both would say, when it is difficult to get up and you’re gorgeous and fight bre … “Her appearance is definitely tells us that this is her mantra, she always stand up and fight …

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