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Dunkelwerk biography

Dunkelwerk is a German electro-industrial project offering dark electronics combined with tales about defeat, longing and loss. It's a one man army produced by Martin V. Kester a.k.a. losttrooper at the H.F.L. Unit. Right from the beginning it was clear that the presentation and the image of Dunkelwerk wasn't an easy task. On the one side people were fascinated, on the other side some came up with the old presumptions you have to face when using war themes and dark aggressive music. Aware of this and to prevent some misunderstandings here is in short what Martin thinks about it: Main theme of Dunkelwerk is the moment of total defeat. No glory, no victory just the sweet smell of discomfiture. Dunkelwerk is about defeat, not about victory! Using images and themes of war creates an atmosphere of leave, loss and comedown. The whole concept of Dunkelwerk focuses on this aspects. There is no heroism or glory. War was and always will be a fatal catastrophe for lives, homes and love. ...sometimes nothing can be saved, sometimes everything gets lost... The first album -Troops- leads to the darkness and sadness of WW1+2. The second album will leave the battlefields of war behind, conquering the wastelands of love, defeat and misery. Planned to be released in 2007. Dark tales from dark lands.

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