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Duquende biography

Juan Rafael Cortés Santiago, known as Duquende (born Sabadell, 1965). For a long time he has been considered one of Camarón de la Isla's best successors. In fact, it was the legendary cantaor who "initiated" him by inviting Duquende to sing when he was only nine years old, as Camarón himself accompanied him on guitar. Although in his artistic trajectory he has already shown that there is plenty more to him than being a mere copy-cat, and that he may be even more than a successor, this cantaor never denies his admiration for the one from the island, or for pure, traditional singing, which he masters comfortably. For twenty years Duquende was cutting his teeth on small stages and in small flamenco enthusiasts' clubs (peñas), where his voice matured and his singing gained in mastery and technique. In 1997 Paco de Lucía called him in person to substitute his brother Pepe in the Septeto Paco de Lucía (Paco de Lucía septet), with which he had the opportunity to travel the world and to improve considerably. Without leaving the septet, Duquende has managed to record his album "Samaruco" (2000), in which he confirmed the reputation that he had already earned before recording anything. Among his greatest achievements is that of having been the first cantaor who has been invited to give a performance in the Champs Elysées theatre in Paris (1995). He has worked with artists like Tomatito, Manzanita, Juan Carmona, Juan Manuel Cañizares, Juan Habichuela, Moraíto Chico and Vicente Amigo. http://www.duquende.org/

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