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Duster may refer to one of two bands: (1) an American lo-fi slowcore band, and (2) a Filipino dance-punk band. (1) Duster was a lo-fi slowcore band from San Jose, California which first consisted of Clay Parton and Dove Amber. Jason Albertini joined the band when the recording of Stratosphere was almost complete. Most of the bands' material, including the Stratosphere (1998), 1975 (1999) and Contemporary Movement (2000), have been released on Up Records. In 1998, shortly after the release of Statosphere, the band released a 7" titled 'Apex, Trance-Like' on SLR, a small label based out of Miami, Florida at the time. The 7" featured 2 unreleased tracks, 'Four Hours' and 'Light Years'. Shortly after the release of the Duster 7", SLR moved to another city and changed their label name to Skylab Operations. In addition to the Up Records releases above, Up also released the 'Transmission, Flux" 7" and the '1975' EP. The band also made a release 'Hier Kommt Der Schwartze Mond', for Marc Bianchi (of Her Space Holiday)'s record label, under the moniker 'Valium Aggelein'. This long out of print record is to receive an electronic re-release, through free download from 'The Static Cult Label', in 2008. According to the Up Records website: "Duster are currently working together on new songs and planning to record soon, and their lineup has recently expanded to include friends Krag and Ross, who play guitar and bass." Jason and Dove work together in a band called 'Helvetia', Clay is working on a project called 'Eiafuawn' (Everything Is All Fucked Up And What Not), and has released a CD on 'The Static Cult Label', titled 'Birds in the Ground'. Sweden's 'Pillowscars' label is to release a 12" version in 2008. according to http://thestaticcult.com/duster/update.html, there is apparently a release called 'On The Dodge', indicated by this link to an mp3 excerpt: "Meow Meow excerpt (1.05MB mp3) From 'On the Dodge', i don't remember the real title. Keyboard, drums, guitars. Recorded on cassette four track inside the van we were living in." (2) Duster is an all-female dance-punk supergroup based in Manila, Philippines. Named after a loose-fitting garment worn by Filipino women, the band consists of Katwo Puertollano (of Narda) on vocals, Kris Gorra (of Fatal Posporos and Cambio) on guitars, Myrene Academia (of Sandwich) on bass, and Ristalle Bautista on drums. Duster frequently plays at gigs around Manila. Their songs can be heard on their Myspace page.

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