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Official site: http://www.dustz.net DUSTZ is a Japanese rock quartet currently under Epic Records Japan (a division of Sony Music) and based in Tokyo, Japan. The name originated from a Japanese word game, since "dust" and "pride" are homonyms in Japanese ("hokori"). It also holds reference to a quote from the Ancient Testament "from dust you are made and to dust you shall return". As childhood friends from the Lycée franco-japonais de Tokyo (a French international school in Tokyo), Ray, Gus and KenT decided to create the group in high school upon Ray's suggestion in October 2005. They did not have an official drummer until Naoki joined in 2007. They performed at various venues in Tokyo and Osaka. Prior to their major debut, they had two releases under Be On Key Records. Their first single Future, Endless Blue, Rain ranked number 2 on the indie charts at Tower Records and their second single Lapis Lazuli ranked number 1 on the indie charts and number 3 overall at Tower Records. DUSTZ signed under Epic Records Japan in March 2009. Their first major single Break & Peace was released in May 2009, and was used as the ending theme song for the anime Sengoku BASARA. Their first major performance was at the 28th music festival in Paris, France. They are expecting their next single in the fall and are also preparing for their first album. Members: Ray (vocals): prior to their major debut, Ray portrayed himself as his "twin brother" Takuto. He is also an actor, with notable roles in dramas such as Princess Princess D (as Shihoudani Yuujirou) and Ougon Kishi GARO (as Suzumura Rei). He knows Japanese, French, English and Spanish. KenT (guitar): a model from age 15 for Japanese magazines such as MEN'S NON-NO, KenT likes to take his time and always does something different from everybody else. Gus (bass): the pacifist of the group and an expert at avoiding conflicts, Gus was exposed to a multitude of music due to his mother's influence. He picked up the bass in middle school. Naoki (drums): an ex-Johnny's Junior, Naoki is also an actor. His most recent role was in the drama Mendol (as Jiro). He started playing the drums when he was 9. Releases: [2008.03.26] Future, Endless Blue, Rain (indie) [2009.02.14] Lapis Lazuli (indie) [2009.05.27] Break & Peace

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