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There are multiple artists the use the name Dutch. One is the duo of former Jedi Mind Tricks fame and the other is a rapper from Detroit, Michigan. [1] Dutch is comprised of Jedi Mind Tricks’ Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind and sensational vocalist/songwriter Liz Fullerton. The unlikely duo first collaborated on the track “Razorblade Salvation” on JMT’s 2006 LP Servants in Heaven, Kings in Hell and again on the track “Death Messiah” from JMT’s 2008 LP A History of Violence. The union of Liz’s deeply sympathetic vocal stylings and Stoupe’s trademark visceral JMT beats made both songs standout cuts from those records as both remain favorites with fans and critics alike. Now, set as a two-piece outfit (with production and songwriting help from longtime Jedi Mind Tricks collaborator Scott Stallone) Dutch is the full realization of the artistic accomplishment at which their previous collaborations only hinted. After years of critical and commercial success as the enigmatic production guru behind Jedi Mind Tricks, Stoupe wanted to make a different kind of record; something that kept the same raw aesthetic he pioneered with JMT while allowing him to branch out as both a producer and songwriter. Liz’s timely and fortuitous entry into the group’s life was a destiny that seemed undeniable, if not a little bit lucky. While on tour with Jedi Mind Tricks in 2003, Stoupe began searching through demos for the voice of his new project when JMT partner Vinnie Paz gave him a CD from a friend who had been writing songs with Liz in California. After the success they had with her initial contributions it quickly became clear to Stoupe that Liz’s beautifully haunting voice was the missing piece of his new project. Shortly after Liz packed up her life and traded the cerulean skies of California for the blue-collar streets of Philadelphia to begin writing music with Stoupe and Scott Stallone. What began as an attempted internet-exchange of songwriting ideas soon lead Fullerton (a California native who is most comfortable traveling and moving about) to the realization that in order to achieve the sound they wanted a move to Philadelphia was imperative. Over the the span of the writing and recording the two became close friends and developed an almost telepathic way of working and communicating ideas. Liz’s bubbling enthusiasm was a stark contrast to Stoupe’s low-key temperament but the two of them struck a harmonious musical balance that was evident in the music they were constructing. And so, A Bright Cold Day was born. Nearly three years in the making, the notoriously meticulous Stoupe is set to introduce his new side project: Dutch and its debut album, A Bright Cold Day. The album features ten hand-crafted tracks which have conjured comparisons to the dark trip-hop aesthetics of Portishead, the soul-piercing melodies of Cat Power, and the wrenching sadness of Aimee Mann. Musically the soundscape isn’t really a vast departure for fans of Stoupe’s previous work with Jedi Mind Tricks. Listeners will still find some of the same eerie, battle-ready tracks that the Enemy of Mankind is known for. But there also some surprises on the record that, while staying in character with Stoupe’s encyclopedic knowledge of music and orchestration, step outside some of the preconceived ideas people may have about the man who has fueled Jedi Mind Tricks’ mayhem for so many years. Dutch’s first single, “Just Before The Rain,” captures the “new vintage” soul inspired by Stoupe’s appreciation of the classic Stax Records sound alongside Liz Fullerton’s somber reflections on lost love. It is a track that encapsulates the vision that began with Stoupe and manifested itself in Liz’s voice. Together the two combine to make a beautifully sad brand of sound. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [2] Dutch is a rapper from Detroit, Michigan signed with Rolla Dutch Entertainment. Dutch has been on the Detroit rap scene since 2000. Throughout 2001-2004 Dutch was featured on many local mixtape and in 2005 he released his debut album "Dutchmaster" which sold less than 5000 units. After the release of "Dutchmaster" Dutch cut his tied with his management and started his own label Rolla Dutch Entertainment. In 2010 Dutch went on to release a mixtape titled "The Countdown (Time vs Money)" which was hosted by Mr. All Day of Turbulance TV featured other local artists such as Pistol Atkins & Seven The General. His debut album under Rolla Dutch Entertainment is slated to be released in late 2010 and it will contain the single "Zodiac Sign" which features Charles "Gator" Moore.

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